Notes from Industry

Image credit: CoreDESIGN via Adobe Stock.

Thoughts and Theory

Rethinking knowledge layering and construction for long-term viable AI

Photo credit: Laurent

How an information-centric classification of AI architectures can facilitate the construction of task-optimized AI systems

Image attribution: Jae Ryeong Lee;

Thoughts and Theory

How knowledge constructs can transform AI from surface correlation to comprehension of the world

Credit: Learning and Education — Brain Functions Development Concept by Imagens Livres License:

Thoughts and Theory

Structured, explicit, and intelligible knowledge can provide a path toward higher machine intelligence

Photo credit: Ting Ling Goay

Gadi Singer

Passionate about driving AI towards the next level of intelligence via deep knowledge. VP at Intel Labs. Named one of AI 50 global thought leaders & influencers

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